A Shout From The Silence

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Harassment, of any kind, is a disastrous mechanism of aggression that has been accompanying humanity since ancient times. However, in recent years it has been given special attention, taking into account the complexity of its plot and the multiple effects that influence the victim, the aggressor, and the bystander.

The school grounds, a site destined to be the scene of intellectual growth, is a land secured by violence and harassment. Adding to this, social networks with instant global reach, creating a dark frame around the most vulnerable members of society: our children.

Classified or not as bullying, at present, governments and organizations take into account the damages harassment causes, attempting to put barriers against its progress. So far, the most effective of these contentions are prevention and training, without leaving out the legal interventions that impose sanctions on stalkers and seeks protection for victims.

R. Cummings

  • Rose Marie Tapia R.
  • Cover by: Kevin Reimer - Rkoncept Studio


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