Searching For The Right Track

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In this novel, Rose Marie Tapia invites the reader to understand society's search for guidance, the desire to become a better person, and the drive for overcoming poverty. With almost 100000 books published in its Spanish original version, it is clear that this topic draws the interest of many.

With sharp and straightforward prose, this novel explores the causes and consequences of youth gangs, a social matter that is real and expanding in today's society. Based on an empathetic vision, the main argument is a proposal of change, a search for solutions to neutralize society's degradation by reversing the process that endangers human values.


Twenty years have passed since the case of Tuti, a minor reserialized offender and subsequently killed by one of the agents of organized crime, moved society, causing a series of actions, among which the most prominent was the Roberto Foundation for a Good way. The purpose of this organization, inspired by the principles that led to the rescue of Tuti, was to continue the task of granting healthy growth spaces to young people at social risk.

Now, twenty years after this story, the target will be put to the test again, and hatred, and revenge, on the one hand, and peace, forgiveness, and the fraternal side that offers opportunities will face each other — time, trying to become the answer. But, in truth, that answer is in us.

R. Cummings

  • Rose Marie Tapia R.
  • Cover by: Kevin Reimer - Rkoncept Studio


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